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Are you looking for help with your dog?

Are you wanting positive training classes, or private sessions, with an experienced, knowledgeable dog trainer?

Got a new puppy, or planning to get one, and want to get off to the best possible start?

Want to teach your old dog new tricks/behaviours?

Have an issue and want professional help and support?

Maybe you want to try a new activity with your dog? Scentwork is our speciality, and can help immensely with relationship building and behavioural issues.

Or are you are looking for a specialist dog walker for your canine friend? We offer exciting fun walks, during which we also train your dog/puppy!

Looks like you have come to the right place! Please feel free to call or email to see how we can help you!

Here at Central K9 we understand how important your canine companion is, and we provide a variety of high quality services to help you with the care, training, stimulation and well being of your dog.


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