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Telephone 01332 865132 

Mobile: 0759 6965607

Derby, Nottingham and the Midlands

Here at Central K9 I provide a variety of dog services to help you with the care, training, stimulation and wellbeing of your dog.


My services include:

Puppy/Adult dog training classes

Scentwork training (small groups and 121 training)

Scentwork Events & Fun Days

Provision of workshops on a variety dog related topics

Bespoke local dog walking

Local pet sitting

About me:

I have extensive experience in dog training and behaviour, and use only positive methods. My training include subjects such as Canine Psychology, Dog Behaviour & Communication, Aggression & Reactivity, Canine Nutrition, T Touch, Canine Massage, Scentwork & Tracking, and Obedience.


Having trained with an ex Customs and Excise Dog Handler, and Behaviourist, for 2 years, I qualified as a Talking Dogs Accredited Handler. I then trained to become a TDS Accredited Trainer, a role I held for 5 years.

I have worked with, fostered and re-homed many rescue dogs, all with special needs. I have a passion for helping nervous, anxious or reactive dogs to grow in confidence and develop the life skills needs for them to enjoy a better quality of life.

I am also an ADTB Approved Instructor.

I currently share my life with:

Kaiden, an 8 year old German Shepherd

Aura, a 5 year old crazy Czecholslovakian Wolfdog

Gremlin & Shadow, 2 mischievious Maine Coon cross black cats

and, Nathan, my very patient partner and husband! :)