About me

Dogs have been a huge part of my life from a very early age. My parents were German Shepherd breeders so I was lucky enough to spend my childhood with a dog, of one size or another, on my bed every night! During my adult life I have had lots of experience of dog ownership, obedience training to Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Award and tracking, with a variety of breeds, personalities and issues! I have also worked with, and fostered, numerous rescue dogs. I spent many years studying dog behaviour and in 2010 I decided to leave my retail career and follow my passion of working with dogs and their owners full time.


My enthusiasm for scentwork started when I lost my car keys, and Toyota quoted £1200 plus VAT to replace them! I would often mislay my keys so I began training my dog to find them for me. We had huge fun and he was very successful. It soon became one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities I have ever undertaken with my dogs. Nowadays I help many owners discover the joys of scentwork. Having owned several reactive dogs, I am particularly passionate about using scentwork to help other nervous, anxious or reactive dogs, to grow in confidence and develop the life skills needed for them to enjoy a better quality of life.


My training includes Dog Behaviour & Psychology, Canine Communication, Aggression & Reactivity, Canine Nutrition, TTouch for Companion Animals, Canine Massage, Obedience, Scentwork and Tracking. I am also an ADTB Approved Instructor. I am insured and DRB (Police) checked. I also love pet photography! 

I currently share my life with; Kaiden, an 9 year old German Shepherd

Aura, a 6 year old crazy Czecholslovakian Wolfdog

Gremlin & Shadow, 2 mischievous Maine Coon cross cats, Nairobi, Lisbon and Tokyo, 3 pet rats,

and Nathan, my very patient partner and husband! :)

Email linda@centralk9.co.uk 

Telephone 01332 865132 

Mobile: 0759 6965607

Derby, Nottingham and the Midlands

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