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Past Scentwork Events.....

Scooby Doo Halloween Mystery

A spooky afternoon and evening of fun, consisting of 4 super scary search areas: the Haunted House, the Creepy Woods, the Witches Cottage and the Eerie Graveyard. Teams worked hard to find scented items, clues to riddles, and solve puzzles. oh, and Scooby Snakcs too!! Breaking half way through for a super tasty hot buffet. Everyone rose up to the challenges set, and went home with some Scooby souvernirs.

Scentwork Adventures in Wonderland!

A wonderful day of fun sniffing. Clever dogs searching out scented hides amongst dummy ones, because in Wonderland not everything is as it seems! Questions and puzzles to answer, riddles to solve, all to keep the Mad Hatter happy so he lets everyone go home! And, as with all the best Tea Parties, lots of yummy food to enjoy for both human and canine adventurers, and take home gifts to remember the day :)

Catnip crusades - The Search for Davey Bones' Locker

What an Amazing Day!!


A super day involving 2 pirate teams, 3 search areas, a desert island shipwreck area including a life size Kraken, a pirate ship with cargo to search, an under water search area with a made to scale octopus, handler tasks and challenges, lots of sniffing for our scentwork dogs, a feast fit for only the best pirates, pieces of map and directions to acquire via Captain Jack Spaniel, treasures to find, but mostly lots of fun and laughter with a great group of dog handlers and dogs :)

Midlands Christmouse Scentwork Party 2016

A super fun-packed day of partying, Talking Dogs Scentwork® style! Our Christmas themed indoor and outdoor search areas got everyone in the festive mood. We had lots seasonal games adapted especially for the handlers and their super sniffing dogs. Our search areas consisted of Santa's Grotto, a Christmas Mailbag room, an outside festive search area and in total a massive 197 parcels too search! There was music and laughter, prizes and presents, and a delicious Christmas buffet for handlers, plus some tasty festive treats for all those hard working TDS dogs. And even Santa himself made a visit, personally to deliver presents for everyone :)

The TV Show Spectacular

21st August 2016, Canine Academy, Tollerton, Notts

What a brilliant day of sunshine, sniffing and fun! The dogs and handlers had a super time, working with amazing skill and professionalism. Searching areas based on popular TV Shows, for a variety of items, including spiders and bugs in our Celebrity Scentwork Jungle area, various office items and other “odd” things in our Sniffers Apprentice Boardroom, and ingredients for a popular recipe in our Great British Sniff Off Kitchen. Lots of bonus clues and gold stars were also amongst the hides.
Large complex indoor and out search areas meant the teams of handlers had the opportunity to discuss and plan the best search tactics for themselves and their individual dogs, and decide upon the most appropriate search patterns for each of the areas. Much was learntin the early searches making planning for the afternoon ones much more efficient.
There was much conversation and laughter from the groups as old friends got together, and new friends were made. Over lunch, whilst the dogs rested, handlers were buzzing with ideas as they worked hard on their ideas for a new product that would win them “The Sniffers Apprentice” challenge. Consequently, Lord Sugar (who took time out of his busy scheduled especially to judge this task) was highly impressed with the invention of the SPPPD (The Solar Powered Poo Picking Drone!). In his words “Amazing concept, slightly ahead of it's time, but one day it'll be on the shelves of every Pet Shop in the world, I'm certain of it!”
At the end of the day, points were calculated, winners announced, prizes awarded and, because all TDS dogs are winners, each received their very own TD Scentwork Super Star Awards Trophy. 
Many thanks to everyone that attended, and helped, and making it such a brilliant day.