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New for 2020:

CK9 SATs Awards (Scentwork Achievement Targets) 

Providing Scentwork Training in and around the Midlands. Workshops, classes, private training and events.

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What is Scentwork?

Scentwork is a way of harnessing your dog's natural sniffing skills and working alongside him/her to find a specific scent, just like those clever sniffer dogs on TV! It's a brilliant way to entertain your dog, provide mental stimulation, build a fantastic relationship, and have lots of fun together!

Who can do Scentwork?

The wonderful thing is that everyone can do scentwork. It's suitable for all dogs, regardless of age, breed or experience. It's also suitable for dogs that are deaf, blind or have other disabilities.Your dog does not need to have done any previous training, of any kind. Even anxious and/or reactive dogs can quickly learn to relax and enjoy the fun of scentwork. In fact scentwork can be great for helping fearful, anxious or reactive dogs!
As well as providing full/half day group workshops, we also provide weekly scentwork classes, private training sessions, demos, taster sessions, hosted workshops and online training.

Throughout your scentwork journey you will have the opportunity to take part in our optional rewards system: The CK9 SATs (Scentwork Achievement Targets) Awards Scheme. 

To provide even more fun for you and your dog we also put on super scentwork events and games days.

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